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Rann Communication believes that communication is an essential part of business for any company, public organisation, or community group and we know the critical role that effective communication plays in building profile, prestige and reputation.

Communication: Even the best company, development, program or product needs a successful communications program to bring it to the attention of the right audience. Rann Communication has the expertise and reputation for developing media and other strategies to ensure our client's message gets across, no matter what the medium.

Publicity: Gaining maximum publicity in our client's interests is a critical part of our business. Through long experience, we know the media and its needs and we know how best to prepare and launch information and events. Each year we issue hundreds of news releases and organize dozens of news events, all carefully targeted to our clients' requirements.

Crisis control: Bad news and emergency situations cannot always be avoided - but they can be managed. We are experts at responding quickly and effectively in times of crisis, and know that the message must take into account not only the media and general public, but customers, staff, regulators, shareholders and competitors, among others. We also help clients devise strategies to avoid unnecessary problems and to be well prepared for when the worst happens.

Strategic alliances: We have formed alliances with legal experts, marketing managers, townplanners, graphic designers, and other specialists to ensure we get the job done as smoothly, expertly, and efficiently as possible.

Speech writing: A winning address has style as well as content. Rann Communication has helped Prime Ministers, Premiers, Archbishops and corporate executives to get their message across clearly, persuasively and with distinction.

Lobbying and strategic planning: We help our clients to define their goals and work together to achieve them. We have a comprehensive network of contacts in business and government, at both state and federal levels, to help clients find the most efficient and effective answer to their needs. We have delivered successful campaigns for single-issue community groups as well as multi-million dollar investment projects.

Media training: It can be daunting and sometimes dangerous if you are suddenly in the eye of a media storm. We provide sound advice on how to handle difficult questions and situations, before and as issues arise. Our media training sessions offer the fundamentals about preparation and technique. We also develop detailed, strategic media protocols, individually tailored for companies or public organisations to ensure the right message is delivered by the right person.